4 Superb And Quick way to Get the Shiny And Long Hair

4 Superb And Quick way to Get the Shiny And Long Hair

According to the American Academy of Dermatology hair growth average is ½ inch in a month. Nowadays there are many problems with hair growth. Many of the girls are worried about hair problems. Hair fall is the biggest issue of girls as well as boys. Today Embodied-Health discussed the Hair Issues.

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1. Massage of Cumin and Tomato


  1. Tomato
  2. Cumin powder
  3. lemon

Benefits of Cumin Powder:

  • Cumin is the most species for the hair
  • Cumin treats the dandruff of hair
  • Cumin treats the hair fall

How to make massage:

First of all, put the cumin powder in the bowl, then put the half lemon in it. After adding the lemon in cumin powder mix it well. At last, add the water of tomato in a mixture of lemon and cumin powder. Adding these things mix it well 

How to Use It: massage the hair for one hour and wash it

2. Coconut oil Mask For remove dandruff:


  1. Coconut oil
  2. Aloe vera gel
  3. Egg

How to Make:

First of all, we add the egg, then add the aloe vera gel. Mix it well. At last, add the coconut oil. After adding these ingredients we mix it well. Now the mask is ready for use.Advertisement

How to Use It: Use this mask twice a week. Apply this only 20 Minutes.

3. Almond Oil mask make for hair Smooth

How To Make It:

Add the aloe vera in almond oil and mix it well. 

How to Use It: Apply the mixture of Aloe Vera and Almond Oil to your Hair. After applying this wear the polyethylene hat on the Head. After 20 Minutes Wash it.

4. A mixture of Banana and Honey to Get Rid Of Dandruff


  1. One Fresh Banana
  2. 1 TBSP Honey

How To Make It:

Take 1 Fresh Banana. Peel the banana. Mix the banana and honey until the consistency of mashed potatoes. 

How to Use It: Apply the mixture of banana and honey on hair for 20 Minutes. After using this mixture wash it.

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Shiny and Long Hair

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