Glow Up in Quarantine

Glow Up in Quarantine: 5 Beauty Tips to Stay Flawless

Right about now, the quarantine struggle might be feeling pretty real. Maybe you’re getting a bit stir crazy, perhaps you’re getting a little annoyed with your self isolation partner, and to make matters worse, you’re in serious need of a glow up in quarantine.

Roots grown out? Nails chipped and in need of a manicure? Dead ends screaming for a trim? Well, a little DIY can go a long way, so check out our 5 beauty hacks so that you can glow up in quarantine.


The roots may not be looking cute, and you might be in need of a trim, but try giving your locks some TLC first. The no dye, no heat combo might actually be a blessing in disguise, giving your hair some time to recover. Use this as an opportunity to do a few deep conditioning masks in your hair to help replenish and restore damaged hair. You can actually make a few deep conditioners for your hair with natural ingredients at home (think of it as a DIY hair mask). Coconut oil is amazing for your hair, helping you to condition it, moisturize it, and it can even help your hair grow longer.

On the other hand, if you’ve been on the fence about giving yourself a quarantine haircut, then check out our DIY haircut tutorial video on YouTube (I cut 10 inches off MYSELF at home, and went from super long hair to a-line bob!)


Ladies, ladies, ladies! This is your time to catch up on all that beauty sleep your under eye bags have been begging you for. There’s nothing more refreshing for your skin and your eye area than a good night’s sleep. If you were someone that neglected getting a decent amount of shut eye time a night, there’s no better time than now to make sure you get your sleep schedule right. Your skin makes new collagen when you sleep, so getting enough Zzz’s helps you prevent wrinkles and get more plump skin. Not to mention, a glowing complexion thanks to no more sleep deprivation. What a win!


Now that you’re home, no excuses! Grab a water bottle and keep it right beside you while you’re working from home and keep filling it up throughout the day. Staying hydrated is so important for a glow up in quarantine. Though there isn’t scientific proof that drinking water leads to having perfect and glowy skin, drinking water does keep you hydrated. Meaning, if you don’t drink enough water and you get dehydrated, your skin can actually worsen (think drops in elasticity and overall dryness). A little H2O is always good, so drink up!


If you’ve been neglecting your skin, time to try a new skincare routine that works for you. Whether that’s the 10-step Korean Skincare Routine or a simple 3 step tone-serum-moisturize routine, now’s your time to give it a try. If you’re going full out on the quarantine life (in other words, barely or rarely wearing makeup), ’tis the season to give your epidermis a little lovin’. We often put a good skincare routine off, making common skincare mistakes since we’re always on the go. In this new quarantine life: skincare first, makeup second (or never). 


Now for this last step, proceed with caution. Chances are, you might be in need of more than a new skincare routine and hair makeover. You might actually be at the verge of crossing into uni-brow territory coupled with furry winter legs (even though it’s spring). Hey, no judgment here. If you love having all that excess – all the power to you, girl! You do you. On the other hand, if you’re someone that prefers a bit more maintenance and a little less fuzz, you might need to dip into the DIY territory. Disclaimer: if you’re not comfortable with DIYing hair removal or any other beauty treatment – then don’t! Last thing you want to do is burn or hurt yourself in the process. If you are comfortable, here are a few DIY options for you to consider:


  • Eyebrows: try tweezing your eyebrows following the line of where the hair has started to grow in. Always pluck from the bottom, not the top
  • Body hair: if you have wax strips at home, try an at home wax sesh (shaving kind of sucks for your hair growth). Or, if you’re up for it, sugaring is another option – all natural and just 3 ingredients


  • If you had a shellac manicure and you’re just about ready to remove what’s left of it, here’s a great tutorial on how to remove shellac from your nails at home
  • If you had acrylic nails, here’s another tutorial on how to remove those grown out nails at home
  • Pro tip: once you’ve removed your shellac or acrylic nails, apply a coat of clear strengthening nail polish to keep them shiny and strong


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